Best eBook

Best eBook 1.03

Read books on your Symbian phone with this cool tool

If one of your hobbies is reading then Best eBook will become the indispensable application for your smartphone! Best eBook allows reading books in eBook Aportis (.prc) or Palm Database (.pdb) format. If your favourite book is in text format then you can use our free utility Best eBook Maker to convert books to .prc format. Best eBook Maker installs together with Best eBook. eBook consists of two main views: Library view and Book view.

Library view

In this view you can see a list of books stored in the eBook library and Inbox. You can add a new book to the Library, delete books already read, view the detailed information about the book and open the book for reading.

Book view

In this view you can see a book you want to read. If you see incomprehensible characters instead of the clear text try to switch the Code Page.

  • To work with the text you can use the following commands:

  • Line up (Hot key: '2', Joystick up)

  • Line down (Hot key: '8', Joystick down)

  • Page up (Hot key: '3', Joystick left)

  • Page down (Hot key: '9', Joystick right, Joystick click)

  • Go top (Hot key: '1')

  • Go bottom (Hot key: '7')

  • Go to text position by percent (Hot key: '*')

Best eBook


Best eBook 1.03